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​What's TPRF?

   TPRF is the abbreviation Taipei Rainbow Festival.
  Taiwan's LGBT Pride event is celebrated annual in Taipei on the last Saturday of October. To make the pride festivities more fun, TAIWANIZE has organized the ‘Taipei Rainbow Festival’, bringing together LGBT-friendly brands for the Pride weekend. TAIWANIZE and co-organizer the Taipei Culture Foundation- The Red House, are holding the Taipei Rainbow Festival (TPRF).
  The major aim of the TPRF event is to feature cultural and creative industries and businesses that have helped our community grow. Well-known DJs and performers that feature heavily in Taiwan′s gay scene will perform for your pleasure on the main stage. The event will also showcase local brands to make shopping and having fun a whole lot easier!

Image courtesy of TAIWANIZE 


​Date & Time

25 Oct. 2019 Fri. 3:00pm~9:30pm
26 Oct. 2019 Sat. 1:00pm~9:30pm
27 Oct. 2019 Sun. 1:00pm~9:30pm


North Square of The Red House and
Front Square of MRT Ximen Station Exit 1

Rainbow Market Site Map

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About Taipei Gay Life

   Taiwan's LGBT rights  are regarded as the most progressive in Asia. With a liberal and friendly population, Taiwan has become an LGBT paradise. Many tourists have discovered the safety and freedom Taiwan has to offer the LGBT community. The annual Gay Pride parade in Taiwan, which is held on the last Saturday of October, has become a weekend of celebration for foreign tourists wanting to celebrate and support the LGBT cause. The parade was first held in 2003, and was the first such event in the Chinese speaking world. In 2018, the parade attracted over 140,000 participants, making it the largest gay pride event in Asia!
   On 24 May 2017, the Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry under Taiwan's Constitution and that the Legislative Yuan has two years to amend marriage laws. On 24 May 2019, Taiwan officially became the first country in Asia where same-sex marriage is legal. With the world watching, Taiwan is at the forefront of equality in Asia and will hopefully stimulate its neighbors to follow suit.
   Taiwan not only protects gay rights legally, but its locals are friendly and welcoming to its growing gay scene. It's not unusual to see same-sex couples holding hands or hugging across the city, particularly in Ximending, the center of Taipei's gay scene.

Image courtesy of

TAIWANIZE and Yu-Hang Zong

   Taiwan has a thriving gay scene. Taipei is arguably the most liberal and LGBT-friendly city in Asia. Taipei has many bars, dance clubs, saunas, massage spas & hot springs, along with other LGBT-friendly venues, offering safe places for the LGBT community to gather. LGBT-friendly  brands and businesses are increasingly supporting the community. The south of the square of The Red House in Ximen is regarded as the most popular gay area within the city. TAIWANIZE, Taiwan′s premier sports and casual wear brand also has a shop inside the Red House building and is popular with locals and tourists. It is a major sponsor of many events in Taipei and is a supporter of Taiwan’s thriving gay scene. 
   Many gay-friendly businesses across the city display the rainbow flag. In October, the city welcomes tourists and provides locals with huge international gay parties held at the city's largest nightclubs that bring in scores of tourists from across the country, Asia and further afield.

2018 Taipei Rainbow Festivel